Tupperware Water Bottles in Netflix 3%

I've just started watching the new Netflix show 3% and couldn't help but get excited about the Tupperware Eco bottle featured heavily in the show, particularly in episode two.

Tupperware sea green blue water bottle netflix 3%
Tupperware Water Bottles In Netflix 3% Show

Sourced Box

Sourced Box November 2016

I tried a Sourced Box back when they launched and I really enjoyed it.
It's nearly a year since Soured Box launched is it still worth the money?

Spiced Apple Rum Punch for Bonfire Night

I do like bonfire night, I have very fond memories of thick mittens holding sparklers, hot chocolate from a thermos and sticky toffee apple stuck in my hair. Along with that unique scent of bonfire smoke and fireworks that clings to your clothes was the exhilaration of being out after dark in some far flung field waiting expectantly for the boom of the fireworks that vibrated deep into your chest. But I really feel the cold and underlying all those pleasant memories I remember being very cold, trembling in my wellies even with two pairs of socks on and my pyjamas under my clothes.

Autumn Apples

Supper was prepared by Marcus Bean
from Brompton Cookery School

Last week we were invited to a supper club in an orchard hosted by some of the growers for Marks and Spencer's. It was a unique opportunity to be able to speak to the growers, one part of the Q&A that had everyone gasping was when we were told than five minutes of hail could reduce a million pounds worth of crop to just a hundred thousand pounds.

Nan's Courgette Loaf

More of a cake than a loaf this courgette bread is a regular autumnal feature in our family. There is always a glut of courgettes and these loaves are a great way to store them for later in the year. It's one of those wonderful recipes that improves when it's been in the freezer. The flavours intensify.
You can serve it spread with a little butter but it's so wonderfully moist I really don't think it needs it.