2 October 2015

Foodie Favourites September

All my loves and likes over the last month. Including hoover lust, what vacuum do you use?

Have you had any disappointing products this month?

29 September 2015

What's New In Food? September 2015

This month we tried Old El Paso Restaurante taco kits. We tried both the Baja Fish and Steak Carne Asada version. The kits came with 10 small tacos, seasoning and a powdered sauce that you had to mix with fresh ingredients. 

This new range of taco kits from Old El Paso have been created around the theme of "cooking like the locals" with flavours from around the world wrapped up into a taco. 

24 September 2015

What Food To Take Camping

I love camping because it's usually a cheap getaway especially if you pack your own food. Yesterday we had a brief over night stop at Stonehenge Campsite. I decided as it's been a fairly cold and wet September so far that we'd try their small camping pod.
We were lovely and warm in the pod and I packed a warming homemade Korean beef pot noodle to keep us that way. 

I also took sandwiches, cheese and crackers and breakfast cereal. When I go camping I always like to use a food item as an ice block. This time I took a frozen bottle of milk. It kept everything cool as it slowly defrosted and by the time we were ready for breakfast it was fully defrosted and ready to eat. I've used a block of cheese in the same way before.

Do you have any camping tricks?

18 September 2015

Why I Love "What I Ate" Videos

I'm addicted to watching What I Ate videos at the moment. They're not slick or polished, they usually don't even contain full recipes but there is something about that brief glimpse into watching someone preparing their everyday dinner that I find memorising. It's an intimate act preparing dishes filled with love for our families and not one that we often get to see from others. In fact, it's probably because What I Ate videos aren't staged cookery videos or fancy dinner party recipes but just good everyday home cooking that me makes really enjoy them. The shaky camera work, children interrupting and the camera lens getting filled with steam just adds to the charm.

10 September 2015

Foodie Pen Pal Reveal September 2015

I received a wonderful Turkish Foodie Pen Pal box this month. I didn't have a pen pal post last month as my box sadly got lost in the post. But I'm happy to share this great little box with you.

Previous Pen Pal reveal