How To Save and Store Tomato Seeds

This year I bought heritage currant tomato plugs from Dobies. They've been amazing, they taste great, store well if dried and the yield from them has been phenomenal.

I definitely want to grow them again next year. I'm saving the seed from a few of the tomatoes and this is how I'm doing it.

Reading Challenge 100 Books in One Year

In January I set myself a challenge to read 100 books this year. It's a challenge that Good Reads suggested and this is where I track which books I've read. I'm not sure now why I picked 100 books.
I read a lot and I often glibly say that I read hundreds of books a year. It turns out that I don't. I'm just over half way through the challenge and quite a way behind.

Food Wars Shokugeki

The second series of Shokugeki No Soma has just started and I really wanted to give it a mention. It's a Japanese anime based on the popular manga Shokugeki No Soma about a group of students at culinary school. The main character is Yukihara Soma. The students are pitted against each other in epic cook off battles (food wars) to secure the top places in the school.

Blanching and Freezing Broad Beans

I like my broad beans podded and showcasing their vibrant colour out of their leathery casing.
I pop them out of their skins before I freeze them because it saves me time when I come to cooking them. It's a long process but I find it very enjoyable.


I had a Facebook notification this week that I'd worked at Foodie Laura for 5 years.
It's true but back then Foodie Laura existed as a place I posted Tupperware utilising recipes for my Tupperware customers.
These days I'm all about YouTube and this year Foodie Laura the blog has languished a little. I lost focus.
Quotes To Help You Focus

I want to put that right, I started off 2016 with a plan to write about happiness, it's something I'm really passionate about and I want to share it with everyone.
Time to get back on track.
Planning has really helped me to stop coasting through life with my eyes closed. I jotted down some of my favourite focus themed quotes and then set about making a plan for reviving the blog.
I read over these quotes everyday and ask myself every day if what I'm doing is bringing me closer to where I want to be.

What are you focusing on?