Sunday, 1 February 2015

February Meal Plan

This is our meal plan for this month. We have a large grocery shop delivered from Ocado at the start of the month then do a weekly top up shop of milk, eggs and fresh fruit and vegetables.

February Meal Plan

Here is everything we bought online and a clip of the top up fruit and veg from the last week of January.

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Allotment in January 2015

There has been no cooking with allotment produce this month and there wasn't last month either. The last edibles we had were back in November.  It was a relatively mild December but I think January has been cold and I've found it difficult to muster up the motivation to make the walk to the allotment. I have done it but all that digging in the cold is tiresome and I've not found any pleasure in it. There is to much to do to be a fair weather gardener, I'd love to know how you pry yourself from the cosy indoors to go digging. We've ordered most of our seeds now and focusing on the lovely fruit and veg we should have later in the year is keeping me going.

What have you been doing in the garden this month?

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

NutriBullet Review & Simple Green Smoothie Recipe

I bought a Nutri Bullet after Christmas and it's been in almost twice daily use ever since.
The NutriBullet has all the benefits of a juicer without the waste which I really like as all the pulpy mess with a juicer always seemed very wasteful to me.

Watch my video review of the NutriBullet

It's easy to clean and comes with a selection of attachments that allow you to make two sizes of smoothie and take them with you on the go.

NutriBullet Attachments

This is the smoothie recipe I make in the video:

Green Smoothie Recipe
A banana
A peeled orange
A large handful of spinach
Approx 200 ml of water

What's your favourite flavour of smoothie?

Family Fever

Sunday, 18 January 2015

5 Healthy Snacks For On The Go

For my weekly food prep this week I made up several little pots of snacks for when the urge to graze strikes.

Recipes for the snack pots in the video

In the snack pots
-Chocolate dipped apricots and pumpkin seeds
-Sesame cucumber salad
-Cinnamon apple crisps
-Baked sweet potato

What have you prepared for the week ahead?

Saturday, 17 January 2015


Earlier this month I posted my grocery haul video which included a trip to my local Japanese grocery shop to pick up okonomiyaki sauce. I described it okonomiyaki as a cabbagey pancake which I thought summed it up quite succinctly. In case that description didn't cover it for you, I also took some photos as I assembled the dish.

Streaky bacon okonomiyaki

You'll usually find cabbage in it and then you mix the ingredients with a batter on the grill. 100ml of water, 100g plain flour and one egg per person to make up the batter. There are rules when it comes to okonomiyaki, it translates roughly as "as you like it grilled" you can toss any meat, fish or veg into it that you fancy. Then top it with sauce, bonito flakes and KewPie Mayonniase.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Allotment 2015

I'm really excited for our first full year on the allotment, there is so much to do, I can't afford to be a fair weather gardener but today it is snowing and they have given out flood warnings (our plot is next to the river) so I decided to do a seed haul video instead.

What fruit or vegetable would you most like to grow this year?

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Filofax Planning

This video review of my Filofax setup covers my plans for not skipping breakfast and how I plan my blog posts.

I just added a new tracker today for swimming. It's 21 miles across the narrowest point of the Channel and as I do my pool lengths I'll be keeping track of those miles until I've swum the equivalent of crossing the channel. I find tracking goals and making lists keep me focussed.

How do you stay organised?