Bargain Barley Salads

Remember when quinoa, bulgar wheat, cous cous and spelt were less than £1 a bag?
Then they got all popular and trendy and now quinoa is pushing £3 a bag?
There is one grain that somehow got forgotten and that's barley.

Good old basic barley which you can pick up for 60p a bag plus it's delicious.
It's a great whole grain and can be used for so much more than just bulking out soups.

Launch Day. June The Month Of The Planner

June is the month that many companies release their new planners, sometimes the planners start in time for the academic year and other times it's a sneak peak to get you planning for January.
Although, I don't know of anyone that buys a new planner and doesn't move into it right away!?

What's New?

Tomato Cuttings

Tumbling Tom tomatoes in hanging baskets
This week is British Tomato Week, I don't know who thinks up these initiatives. The timing is way off, are British tomatoes even in season yet? I certainly don't know anyone that has home grown tomatoes ready yet and that includes friends that got an early start with heated greenhouses and grow lights.
What I do have a greenhouse full of promise. I went crazy with the tomato plants this year, they are one of my favourite foods and I'm hoping to have enough to make sauce for the rest of the year. I've been rooting the pieces I pinch out to create even more plants. I'm growing seven varieties this year.

Swedish Eurovision Dinner

Last night Sweden hosted the EuroVision Song Contest, it's become a tradition for Trevor and I to cook a dish from the host country to enjoy before settling down to the show.

Lamb Ragu

This one pot lamb ragu is a really easy dish to just pop into the oven or slow cooker and forget about it. I love to serve it with the giant pasta shells because all the pieces of lamb get scooped up inside them.