Picking wild blackberries from the hedgerow

Welcome to my little slice of the internet that is my Foodie Laura blog, I'm as you may have guessed called Laura, hello.
From ground to plate and all the wonderful cooking stages in between, I'm a passionate foodie and adore everything that comes with lovingly preparing a meal to share with friends (except maybe the washing up).

A food parcel from my moms greenhouse
We always laugh when we watch cooking shows on TV because the chef or announcer always says the secret to good cooking is fresh local ingredients, every time -listen out for it- but it's so true.
I live in Shrewsbury in the wonderful Shropshire countryside and we have great local produce which I enjoy taking full advantage of. I lived in Japan for a number of years too so I'm always inspired by Asian flavours and I try to keep my Japanese skills going by watching old cooking shows.

This year I'm an official Hambassador for Red Tractor and Love Pork, what's a Hambassador? I've got a whole post about how that porky role and plenty of tasty pork recipes too.

Judging the national
sausage awards

I started this blog while I was working as a Tupperware consultant, it was a place to post my Tupperware utilising recipes to but the blog soon took on a life of it's own and now it's a little haven of recipes, reviews and cooking experiments dedicated to all things foodie. I have a wickedly sweet tooth and big weakness for vodka, I try to balance it all out here but it doesn't always happen, grab a cookie (or two) and stay and browse a while.

I also write restaurant and food event reviews for our local news website Love Shrewsbury.
I'm PR friendly and if you'd like to contact me or request my media pack you can email me at foodielaura(at)live(dot)com. You'll also find me on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Foodie Laura