New Years Resolution 2018

I think spring is a much better time to make resolutions than in the dark wintery new year. In the garden spring is an exciting time of new beginnings and buds of promise, resolutions go hand in hand with that.

However, it's not quite the same as a new year, new calendar and this year even a new week. I'd planned to make my resolutions in the spring and maybe I'll renew and revise them then but I've been swept up in the blank slate, fresh start that new years celebrations brings.
I've been reflective and

Use Less Plastic
This is a big one for me, the amount of plastic that comes through this household on a weekly basis is horrific. the recycling bin is always full of plastic bottles, trays and wrappers.
In 2017 I made two simple changes of using handkerchiefs instead of tissues and replacing disposable sanitary products with a moon cup and washable sanitary towels. Both were easy to implement and haven't meant much upheaval in my routine so they've been easy to stick to.
Reducing plastic is proving more difficult, largely because of my shopping habits. I order groceries online and everything comes in a plastic container that is then wrapped in more plastic. If I were to shop locally I could buy ingredients without the plastic. This means visiting several shops and carrying everything home. It's not as convenient as ordering online and having everything neatly turning up on my doorstep but it's an area I really want to try and improve on. I've set aside a few hours on a Friday afternoon to go out and do my grocery shopping locally and I'm looking forward to it.

Compost More
In 2017 I became a master composter. I compost a fair bit now but I know I can always do more and I'd like to focus on this and encouraging others to compost too.

I keep a diary but I don't write in it as regularly as I'd like to. I feel like when I do settle down to write I need to write a big catch up on what's happened since my last entry. Having a better routine for writing will help with this and I've also bought a 5 year, line a day journal for the days when I don't have time for full entries.

Keep Reading, Keep Walking, Keep Studying
These are some of the things that I dedicated time to in 2017. I enjoyed them all and I want to keep setting aside time for them. I think that's the key to resolutions, carving out time to do the things that you enjoy.

Reduce Sugar
I generally think any diet related resolutions are fashion or media driven and loath them. Foolishly, this is out of an 'I will not conform' ideal rather than a sensible health perspective. My blood sugar is high and with PCOS I have issues with insulin resistance that could put me at risk of diabetes. I'm a sugar fiend and I know this will be a tough resolution to keep but I'm ready to get started.

Have you set any resolutions for 2018 or will you wait for the spring?