Big Batch Beef Strips with Broccoli

Beef strips with broccoli can be served with rice or noodles. You can prepare it in advance and freeze it too making it the perfect candidate for batch cooking. Once defrosted it only takes 15 minutes to stir fry it and get it onto plates. Beef is a source of iron which helps reduce tiredness and fatigue always useful when you're juggling cooking and a newborn. 

Save time by cooking extra and freezing it for a busy evening

Ingredients (serves 8)
700g beef strips
2 heads of broccoli
3 tablespoons Gouchujang (Korean red pepper paste)
1 nest of wholewheat vermicelli noodles per person
A handful of cashews
2 tablespoons sesame oil + extra for frying
A carrot finely sliced
4 Spring onions diced
1/4 teaspoon black sesame to garnish (optional)

I used Chung Jung One red pepper paste, I bought it from my local Asian grocer and it's also sold on Amazon.
The brand of wholewheat vermicelli noodles are from Mama.
I used lean beef strips but you could also use frying steak or shaved beef.

Cut the broccoli into small florets.
Large pieces of broccoli stalk can be frozen and used for vegetable soup or stock.
Boil the noodles according to pack instructions as they are so fine they will cook very quickly.
Mix the red pepper paste and sesame oil together.
Toss the beef in the red pepper mix until all the strips are coated.

At this point you can divide the mixture and freeze it into portions.
You can freeze the spring onions and carrots too.
Cashews do not freeze well but do have a long shelf life so it is best to add them after defrosting.
Defrost thoroughly before continuing with the cooking steps below.

Fry the beef and broccoli over a high heat until the beef has browned.
Add the carrots, spring onion and cashews and fry for a further minute.
Drain the noodles and serve the stir fry over them.
To garnish sprinkle with black sesame seeds.

This recipe was include in my "What's For Dinner" dinner ideas series on YouTube.

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