How To Save Split Custard

Curdled or split custard can be rescued. Take the split custard off the heat and put the pan into cold water and whisk it vigorously.

Revive your curdled custard

I don't enjoy cooking on an Aga, I know some people love them but the lack of temperature control drives me nuts. If the Aga is hot enough for a roast and Yorkshire puds then the stove is very hot too and custard or cheese sauces are prone to curdle or split if they get too hot. But I want cauliflower cheese and thick trifle custard along side my roast dinner - the trifle is for pudding.

Nothing beats a smooth thick trifle layer
of custard in a trifle

It's best to do custards and white sauces over a low heat. If you have no temperature control and you can get the custard off the heat quickly then it shouldn't split. If the worse should happen and the custard starts to separate plunge the pan into a sink of cold water being careful not to get any water in the custard and give it a good whisk with  balloon whisk for about a minute. It will soon go back to lovely glossy custard.