Blanching and Freezing Broad Beans

I like my broad beans podded and showcasing their vibrant colour out of their leathery casing.
I pop them out of their skins before I freeze them because it saves me time when I come to cooking them. It's a long process but I find it very enjoyable.

It usually marks the summer being in full swing and I can sit outside and enjoy the sunshine while podding the beans.
This year we've had a lot of rain so that part didn't really happen but the allotment summer harvest is still proving to be very bountiful -just a little bit wet too.

Step One
Pick the broad beans when they are full and rounded. I use scissors to snip them away from the plant.
There is a lot of padding around broad beans in their pods, the pod should feel full and firm when you give it a light squeeze.

Step Two
Split open the pods and pop out the beans. I usually sit next to my recycling so I can toss the empty pods straight into the bin they also compost well.
I keep a big bowl handy to but the broad beans into.

Step Three
Blanch the beans for two minutes by putting them into boiling water and then plunging them straight into cold water.

Step Four
Remove the greyish skin from the broad beans. This step is optional and often when you buy broad beans they are still in this skin but I prefer them without it on.

Step Five
Freeze the broad beans on a sheet of baking parchment. I lay the beans out so they are not touching each other and then transfer them into a freezer bag after they have frozen. This stops the beans from sticking together in a big clump and makes it easier to take a single serving from the bag when I'm cooking.

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