Foodie Bucket List - 30th Birthday

My Foodie Bucket List
inspired by my 30th Birthday
There are so many foodie things that I want to do. I turn 30 today and I really had to mark the occasion with something special. I talk a lot about my Foodie Bucket list. A list of food related things that I want to do, only it didn't actually exist in a list form, it was more a jumble of things that I'd like to do, tucked away in my head.

A bucket list can have anything on it, be it a big trip or just mastering a little skill like being able to speedily julienne carrots. Things that I've already ticked off my bucket list include eating Fugu, planting rice in a Japanese rice paddy and discovering that you can put rose wine in the soda stream.  It's a fairly wide ranging list. A large portion of my food bucket list seems to involve travel, I'm always intrigued by the links between food and culture and all the etiquette that goes along with it.

Happily, I can already tick off planting rice in a rice paddy in Japan. One afternoon in the mud with the mosquitos and only a hard boiled egg in return for the afternoon toiling - I don't think I'd do it again but I did do it!

Basashi Sashimi in Kumamoto

I want to take an extended food tour around Japan. While I'd like to do Tsuji fish market, I really want to get off the beaten tack and go into peoples homes and learn recipes from their Grandmas.
Actually, why just limit it to Japan? I want to eat my way across the globe. I'd like to travel on the Trans-Siberian express picking it up in China and stopping for plenty of food along the way, then finishing with vodka in Russia.

I want to complete my Japanese Level 2 proficiency test and complete a course at the Hattori School, the college that brought us the 1980's Iron Chef series.

I really want to go to a Maple syrup harvest in Canada.

What the heck is a tailgating party? Plus, I'd love to go to the Las Vegas BBQ finals.

Spend a season as a chalet chef in the Alps.

I want a decent steak tartare, I'm willing to be flexible on location.

I'm desperate to try real Vietnamese street food.

Natto & Basahi

I'm the ultimate food tourist, I'm not at all squeamish and I love to get stuck into the local food so while these are a few of the stand out places I'd love to visit, pretty much anything that involves good food and travel will score points on my list.

Closer to home my Nature's Lunchbox foraging challenge has been a real eye opener. Nothing tastes better than food fresh from the bush. I love mushrooms but I'm not that confident in identifying them. I'd love to take a mushroom course and get clued up. I'd also love to find a local spot for truffles, who wouldn't?

In November we launched our first supper club, this has been on my list for a long time and I'm excited to see where it takes me

Being a hambassador meant that I got to be a judge at National Sausage week. There are people out there that are full time judges. I don't think I'd ever get fed up of being a judge or a taster. Maybe this one is more of a dream but companies must need product tasters, I'm available #justsayin'

I'd love to meet and pick the brains of Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver is a food hero of mine. Weekend camping at Feastival would be great.

More than anything I want to carry on sharing my love of all things food with you all. So let's raise our hot chocolates and toast to many more Foodie Laura posts.