Nature's Lunchbox October 2013

The blackberries I found last month were a bit poor but there are still some about so perhaps I'll get that blackberry pie soon. I did manage an apple pie with some windfall apples so September's foraging challenge was still a great success.

This month I'm hoping to get some chestnuts. We always used to go chestnut picking with my Dad when we were little in the woods near his house. I remember it being bitterly cold and having tender little fingers for days after from the prickly chestnut shells. I was always delighted that you could go for a walk an come back with a bagful of tasty treats particularly chestnuts as they were something a bit exotic. I'd only known them as a hot roasted snack available only from street vendors at Blackpool illuminations. As a young child I thought the glittering lights of Blackpool made it the most glamorous place on the planet.

Wild Strawberries

I've taken Trevor to the same chestnut woods a couple of times but we never seem to get the kind of haul I remember from childhood. I think we were a bit too early last year, I'm hoping to time it just later this month as I'm already craving the lovely autumnal flavour of a roasted chestnut.

What are you foraging this month?

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