Foodie Laura Turns Two

Today marks two years since I started writing Foodie Laura, I had already made a white chocolate butterfly celebration cake and then I attended Food Blogger Connect over the weekend, it was a bit last minute but was a fitting way to mark the occasion.

Foodie Laura started sporadically as a place to redirect my Tupperware customers to when they were asking for recipes that I'd made or mentioned at their parties. At the Cosmpolitan Blogging Masterclass I had an "ah ha" moment and decide to pursue food writing full time. I love everything about the whole food process from growing or sourcing it, to creating recipes, sharing them and eating. Foodie Laura has become a platform to rejoice in all of those things which I absolutely love.

I have a very sweet tooth which is reflected in the bounty of sweet treats I make. My most popular post to date is a chilli relish with sweet twist, I still love this recipe but sadly have no more of this batch of relish left, I'm hoping for a bumper harvest this summer so I can double up and keep the store cupboard filled.

Recently, I've been really interested in foraging, we live in a flat and have no garden or outdoor space so we can't grow our own fruit or vegetables, I do have a very full window box of herbs but it isn't enough to match the fulfilment of picking a free feast. I stated the Nature's Lunchbox Challenge to exchange foraging recipes, there have been some really interesting entries and I'm looking forward to watching the ingredients change over the course of a full foraging year.

In Foodie Laura's third year I want to work on the Youtube channel, I love watching vlogs and cooking shows and really feel that I should be getting involved as more than just a viewer. I'm hoping to do some food based travel writing in Japan, I have many happy food memories from Japan that I'm looking forward to sharing. There's also whispers of some catering work too. It's going to be a busy year but I wouldn't have it any other way.