Local Restaurants Share Recipes

The Shropshire Cookbook is a celebration of local food. The new recipe book is produced with recipes from local restaurants and food businesses. I live in Shrewsbury, Shropshire and was excited to see a large number of recipes from many familiar places.

The layout of the Shropshire Cookbook is quite unique.  It blends local history with insights into the people behind Shropshire's independent restaurants and they've all shared a recipe too.

It's not just restaurants, the Shropshire food scene is well represented. There's a selection of recipes from the food vendors in Shrewsbury market, a recipe from Gerrol the farmer behind Jalvin potatoes and a recipe from pop up chefs Sabrina and James as well.

If you can't get to Shropshire you can recreate the flavours of the county in your own home. It's also a great companion for tourists looking for the best places to eat. I decided to start my own Shropshire Cookbook Trail and visit all of the places in the book.

There's a mix of cooking styles in the Shropshire Cookbook traditional English fare, Japanese, Cajun even street food but all the recipes share one major theme, good quality local produce. In Shropshire that's something that we have in abundance.