What To Plant in April

What should you be planting in your kitchen garden in April?
On my list of things to plant this month are sweetcorn, squash and borage.

Patty Pan squash

We're still eating purple sprouting broccoli but it's time to sow it for next year. It takes a long time for this one to come to fruition but it doesn't require much attention once it's planted out and has been a most welcome bit of greenery on the plate this early in the season.

True Gold sweetcorn 

I'm going to be resowing giant sunflowers as the ones I planted out have been eaten.

Tomatoes, you may have already started these. Mine are going outdoors so I've held off until now as I don't have a heated greenhouse waiting for them this year.

Later in the month I'll be planting out perpetual spinach, rocket and parsley and possibly some cabbages if I can squeeze them in.

A second sowing of peas, I'm growing Kelvedon Wonder and hoping to keep them producing for as long as possible.

Once the chance of frost has passed, our last frost date is mid April, I'll be planting out marigolds and calandula seedlings which are currently indoors.

What are you planting this month?