8 Reasons To Compost

My compost bin in the Spring

Why should you start composting?

1. Stops biodegradable waste going to landfill
It's the process of collection that is costly, large trucks have to collect the waste then it has to be processed.

2. Good for wildlife
Composting is good for worms and enhances wildlife too

3. Supports organic growing
You know exactly where the waste is coming from, you can control what goes into your compost and you know it's chemical free

4. Closed loop cycle
Everything that is used on your plot is recycled on your plot

5. Stops the use of peat
A large amount of shop bought composts still contain peat. There are very few peat bogs left in the UK

6. Saves money
No more buying big bags of compost from the shop or struggling to get them home

7. Increase yields
Improved soil structure with more nutrients leads to better crops being produced and increases yields too

8. Sense of satisfaction
Opening the compost bin and using that nourishing dark soil that you created for your plants is a great feeling.