Spiced Apple Rum Punch for Bonfire Night

I do like bonfire night, I have very fond memories of thick mittens holding sparklers, hot chocolate from a thermos and sticky toffee apple stuck in my hair. Along with that unique scent of bonfire smoke and fireworks that clings to your clothes was the exhilaration of being out after dark in some far flung field waiting expectantly for the boom of the fireworks that vibrated deep into your chest. But I really feel the cold and underlying all those pleasant memories I remember being very cold, trembling in my wellies even with two pairs of socks on and my pyjamas under my clothes.

These days a cosy evening in is much more my pace, I'd rather save the fireworks for balmy summer evenings around a pizza a oven. When Next asked what my five bonfire night essentials were I knew right away and staying warm was a high priority.

Bonfire Night Indoors

There has to be something to set this night apart from any other cosy night on the sofa and that's the rum punch. I love this LSA serving set, it would certainly add a sense of grandeur to a night in. Get your friends around, don your cosy pjs and dole out the punch. Garnish with a cinnamon stick and serve with roasted almonds or if you've still got a Halloween pumpkin hanging around, toast up those nuts.

What are your plans for bonfire night?