Best Food Documentaries On Netflix

With the recent release of Forks Over Knives on Netflix I thought I'd share my list of the best food shows and documentaries currently available on Netflix

Forks Over Knives (on food instead of medicine)
Looks at prescribing a whole food plant based diet instead of medication to improve or even reverse health issues like diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Food Matters (on the decline of food quality)
This was one of the first documentaries I watched from this genre and it really had an impact. It deals with the deterioration of the nutritional quality of the food we eat. From foods farmed on an industrial scale, the use of pesticides, genetic modification and the value of processed foods.
It also examines why only symptoms of disease are being treated and not the root cause. Then it looks at why what we put into our bodies makes a difference, food matters.

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (on the benefits of juicing)
Documents a weight loss journey based on juicing and exercise.

Fed Up (on sugar)
As I watched what Coke did to the body, it just made me thirsty. How can that be? How hooked are we? Why is sugar addictive? And what role did marketing play in getting me hooked? And why is childhood obesity on the rise?

Cowspiracy (on meat and diary)
Promotes a plant based diet and addresses why pollution from animal agricultural is being ignored. I remember as a child being taught that volcanoes erupting and emissions from cows were massive pollutants but I haven't heard much about it since, that was until I watched Cowspiracy.

Hungry For Change (on using food to prevent illness)
This documentary follows on from Food Matters with more information on ditching daily medication for a healthy nutritious diet.

Cooked (on food glorious food)
Is a great series to balance the others, Cooked celebrates food rather than demonising the industry and it's nefarious practices. It's from Micheal Pollan the author of Omnivore's Dilemma while it echoes the themes of the other documentaries it leaves you a little less haunted.

Netflix regularly updates the documentaries it has available. Another food documentary that I previously enjoyed was Overfed and Undernourished

With these food focused documentaries being so popular are we seeing any real changes or are there so many dramatic documentaries flooding the market that the message is diluted?