Food Wars Shokugeki

The second series of Shokugeki No Soma has just started and I really wanted to give it a mention. It's a Japanese anime based on the popular manga Shokugeki No Soma about a group of students at culinary school. The main character is Yukihara Soma. The students are pitted against each other in epic cook off battles (food wars) to secure the top places in the school.

It's ridiculously over the top with the reactions and experiences from the people that taste the students food but it's completely wonderful too.

The descriptions of the food and the depth and detail in the cooking methods is amazing.
Many of the students are from international backgrounds and it's introduced me to a lot of new cooking techniques and ingredients.

It's bright and fun, easy watching and packed with delicious food and recipes. You can find subtitled versions on YouTube and Crunchy Roll.  There's also a band of loyal followers recreating the mouthwatering recipes from the show

Prepare to salivate while watching and be inspired try some new dishes, 
I'd love to know what you think of it and which dish you'd most like to see recreated?