Launch Day. June The Month Of The Planner

June is the month that many companies release their new planners, sometimes the planners start in time for the academic year and other times it's a sneak peak to get you planning for January.
Although, I don't know of anyone that buys a new planner and doesn't move into it right away!?

What's New?

I'm a Filofax fan (in A5 size) but belong to several Facebook planner groups and have been swept up in the hype with so many new planners being released. I really want to buy a lot more than I can afford so I thought I'd pour some of that planner excitement into this post.

There's the new Erin Condren Luxe. It has a new robust non removable cover which is thicker than the interchangables. It launched today and the site seems to keep crashing before people can check out. The laminated covers of the EC LifePlanners are always what put me off because I thing the horizontal pages and use of colour inside is great so this is very interesting.

Also, a new limited edition rose gold Kikki K and a lilac one with gold polka dots. The great thing with these planners is that the calendars are undated. There's new a black and white spotted Pause too. I'm very tempted by the gold dividers which are available separately, we've seen these sold with planners before but never individually. Yes, I am very very tempted.

Over at Filofax  there's the new croc classics in chestnut, indigo and fawn these have been available for a few days. The chestnut is already sold out here in the UK.
Some favourites like the Malden are the Originals are going to be available in new colours. I haven't got a confirmed date for these yet but possibly late June but it seems to keep getting pushed back.

I'm also super excited about the new Filofax coloured inserts. I've been a Filofax fan for a long time but I feel like they haven't kept up with the current planner trends for brightly coloured inserts, patterned dashboards and more decorative journalling with stickers, quotes and washi, hopefully this is a turning point for them.

Webster's Page's Color Crush binders had some new releases at the end of March but they are also teasing a mid summer release on social media with fushia, periwinkle blue and a summer green offerings.

Are you a planner? What do you use

I've been pinning the new releases as I find them.
What's your favourite?