DIY Healthy Snacks

This month I've been recreating some of my favourite snacks. They're quite expensive to buy and I was sure I could do it myself for a lot less money, I was right.

Chocolate Coyo was the first treat to get a DIY makeover. The key with this one is to use chilled coconut milk which makes the resulting dessert really thick.

Next up was chocolate Oatly. This one separated very quickly but with a quick stir it was fine to drink. The original uses stabilisers and still needs to be shaken thoroughly before drinking. The stirring didn't put me off and my version of Oatly was definitely more cost effective.

Finally I made the dark chocolate bars with cranberries and macadamia from Eat Natural. These one was a little pricer as macadamia are quite expensive but once you've bought the ingredients for these bars you'll be able to whip out several batches which is still a lot cheaper than buying them individually. I did have to dig out my old Tupperware snack bar maker but I think you could recreate the results with any narrow container.

What snack would you like to recreate?