Supermarket Taste Off Results

I was surprised by these taste tests because I never thought that there would be much difference between the supermarket offerings, it turns out that there was.

Will there be one stand out supermarket?

I was joined by my sister Lucy and friends Sarah from Taming Twins and Emma from Brummy Mummy of Two and we sampled bucks fizz, mince pies, Christmas pudding and prosecco. Taste is fairly subjective and the decisions weren't always unanimous but we talked it out and the videos show you in a bit more detail how we arrived at our decision.

Watch the videos on the Supermarket Taste Off playlist or read on for spoilers

Bucks Fizz
Joint Winners Aldi 750ml £1.79 and Tesco 750ml £2.00

Mince Pies
Asda classic mince pies. 6 pack 89p

Christmas Pudding
Tesco classic Christmas pudding 100g £1.20

Tesco Bella Cucina 750ml £5.50

Do you do all of your Christmas grocery shopping in one shop or do you have a favourite store for each specific treat?