October Allotment Round Up

It's been a slow month on the plot. Weekly video diaries from the plot run from Y1E39 to Y1E42 on this years allotment play list. The last video is of of salmon jumping up the weir at the river that runs along the bottom of the plots. I've never seen the salmon jumping before but it's been drawing great crowds down at the weir. I headed down there with my camera to see if I could get anything on film. I was blown away by the power of the salmon and sat watching them for several hours. Yet, I don't think I saw a single on make it over

Back on the plot the greenery has now nearly all disappeared just like the rhubarb plants. Last year, the rhubarb shrivelled away to obscurity in the blink of an eye. I was convinced the previous plot holders had returned in the dead of the night and dug it out of the ground. I've watched it closely this year with as it melted back under the ground with a fond smile at my naivety before we'd started growing last year. it's been a great learning curve and I can't wait to utilise it all next year.

This year is slowing down but it's definitely not stopping completely, I want to keep the plot producing over the winter and planted onions, garlic and tatsoi this month. I'm also wondering if there's still time for a quick bit of swiss chard before the first frost.

How has your month on the plot been?