5 Foods To Forage In October

For roasting on an open fire, make sure you peel back the shell and the fury bit before tucking into the pale yellow flesh.

I've never paid the acorn much attention but this year I keep hearing about acorn flour. So I'd really like to gather some acorns and try making acorn flour flat breads. Do you forage for acorns?

October is a great month for mushrooms. I'm a little nervous about mushroom picking as I'm not that confident on the varieties but there are plenty of guided walks that you can book with a specialist that does know what they're picking.

There are still a few blackberries about although not as many as last month. Great straight from the bush, as jam or baked in a pie.

I find them much too sour to eat when picked but with plenty of sugar they make lovely syrup, cordial or wine.