What's New In Food? September 2015

This month we tried Old El Paso Restaurante taco kits. We tried both the Baja Fish and Steak Carne Asada version. The kits came with 10 small tacos, seasoning and a powdered sauce that you had to mix with fresh ingredients. 

This new range of taco kits from Old El Paso have been created around the theme of "cooking like the locals" with flavours from around the world wrapped up into a taco. 

Normal sized dinner plate.
Very small taco.

The kits are a fun starting point but the extras that you need to add mean they aren't a cheap meal. The steak kit for example needed steak, avocado, lime, tomato and onion which came to £9 on top of the Old El Paso Restaurante Steak Carne Asada kit price of £3.79
It was a delicious kit. I originally thought the avocado seasoning was salty and when sampling it on it's own, it was. But when the tacos were assembled with the seasoned steak it was lovely. Between the two of us we easily finished off the box. I don't think they would serve more than two people unless you were adding a few other side dishes. I'd love to see this kit in a party pack size as I'm sure it would be a big hit if shared over a bottle of wine with a group of friends.

The seasoned breadcrumb on the fish is lovely
and not too spicy

The Old El Paso Restaurante Baja Fish taco kit wasn't as exciting as the steak one. It included breadcrumbs to fry the fish in and a powder to add to sour cream. The serving suggestions recommended adding purple cabbage to the tortillas but I could not get a hold of any and thought that we would manage without it. In hindsight, I should have added salad to the tacos and served them with rice as on their own they weren't filling enough to be a full meal for two.

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