September Meal Plan

I'm using a new planner this month, it's a weekly wall calendar that has several columns across it, one of which I'm using to write out our meal plan.

As I do a monthly grocery shop I'm still filling out a months worth of meals on the calendar at the start of the month. I think I'd like to look at using repositionble stickers for this because if meals change around later in the month it means I don't have to cross them out. I don't usually mind doing this but the wall planner is in a prominent place in the kitchen so I'd like it to look tidy if possible.

I'm still battling over the convenience of online shopping vs buying locally. I'm aiming for a balance between the two. I don't have a car and the farm shops are generally located at farms on the outskirts of town but I regularly use the deli and market in town. Where do you shop?