Burger Blue

Problem - it's really awkward to put blue cheese onto a burger because it always crumbles and sticks to the grill.

Ok, It's probably not a problem you lose much sleep over, afterall you could put the cheese in the burger.
It's one of those problems that you didn't really know you had until someone suggested a solution - Castello Burger Blue are slices of blue cheese that don't crumble plus, they melt just enough to pleasingly drape over the burger without running off into the grill.

Now my problem is making a burger that can stand up to this punchy little cheese.

I picked up some lovely spiced pork meatballs from Pen-Y-Lan Pork of Wrexham when I was at the Shrewsbury Flower show. I smooshed (technical term) a few meatballs together to form thick burger patties because they were already holding together nicely as meatballs there's no need to add any binding agent.

Blue cheese has a strong punchy flavour and really wants to be the star of this burger show, you will want a robustly flavoured meat that will stand up and compliment the cheese otherwise you run the risk of it overpowering the dish. Fortunately, pen-y-lan meatballs are well seasoned with chilli

You can't beat the smoked flavour of a barbecued burger plus you get those pleasing charred grill lines too. It doesn't feel like we've had many good barbecue days this summer but I was going to get a barbecue burger even it meant grilling in the rain (it did).

The Castello blue cheese slices are very easy to add on top of the burger, they simply peel back off the parchment and just as advertised there was no crumbly mess. We gave the burger about 7 minutes on each side over flame free coals.

We did have to rally our British barbecue spirit but we had fun grilling in the rain. Trevor donned his chef hat and we enjoyed our burger indoors with a lovely bottle of wine. Trevor usually likes his burgers piled high like skyscrapers but with a good quality bit of meat and a full of flavour cheese we really didn't need anything more.

I was kindly provided with the cheese for this post.