Allotment in July 2015

This month marks one year since we took on the allotment plot, making the then and now video really highlighted how far we've come. I think it's easy to lose track of that when the weeds start to get a bit unruly and the slugs eat all your lettuces.

You'll find all the weekly video from July 2015 on the allotment playlist episodes Y1E26 to Y1E30

Picking from the wrong allotment
There was a funny incident this month when a plot neighbours daughter came to visit. She had headed down to the plots with good intentions, to help out and pick some of her Mom's courgettes but went to the wrong plot and picked ours. Along with some raspberries and black currants. They came back later and explained what had happened and returned the produce. We had a bit of a laugh about it, these things happen.
I'm glad they came back and I was still able to use the fruit and vegetables. Honestly, the plot is so abundant right now I'm not sure I would have even noticed. Unfortunately she had also picked a couple of spaghetti squash which weren't quite ripe. I have been dying to see what's going on inside these as I've never seen a spaghetti squash before. I'm still eagerly awaiting them to be full ripe but so far it looks good.

I made a video this month about what to do with a glut of raspberries and today I'm baking my Nan's courgettes loaf recipe as I'm planning a four ways with courgette video for next month. How are you using up your courgettes?

I always take photos of what I've been harvesting and you can follow my picking progress over at Instagram. It has mostly been berries again this month, the freezer is filled with them and we've made 18 jars of jam along with all manner of tarts, smoothies and ice creams.

How do you store your summer harvest to keep for later in the year?