June Meal Plan

I think I have barbecue on the brain this month because I bought a lot of meats that I'm intending to barbecue. I have a vision of us barbecuing on a warm evening after an afternoon of tending the allotment and I ordered this shop on a blustery day and that vision created an effect similar to shopping on an empty stomach - a lot of shopping!

Here's a video of the whole haul.

  After watching it back I felt rather uncomfortable with the amount of shopping. The freezer is full now and it'll keep us going a good while but there was a sense of vulgarity in seeing it all laid out like it is in this video. I've been reading a lot of self sufficiency books recently and this haul jarred with the local sustainable message I've had running through my mind. I think I'll do the shopping differently next month.

Where do you buy your groceries?