Allotment in May

It's been a wet month on the plot. We've had a vast rhubarb harvest but that all so far although there is so much more that is holding promise. I'm sure we'll be harvesting more fruits in June including gooseberries and strawberries.

The biggest job on the plot this month was getting the bark in between the shed and greenhouse in. It looks really good now and I have plans to have lots of BBQs there this summer.

After several failed attempts with the tomato seeds I bought some seedlings. I still have half packets of seeds so I'll give them another try next year.

The weather for just has been forecast as being much warmer. It's funny how closely I pay attention to the forecast now I have the allotment, I'm much more in tune with every gust of wind or heavy rain that could damage my precious plantlings.

What's been the biggest problem you've faced on the plot this month?