Cuisinart ICE30BCU Ice Cream Maker Review

An ice cream maker is the stuff of my childhood dreams. I always wanted to open an ice cream parlour, I even had (still have and cherish) the Paradisa Ice Cream cafe Lego set and spent endless hours deciding what flavour Lego ice cream cones my little cafe was serving. 

My Ice Cream Bar
The dream is real! I now have my very own ice cream machine to conjure up all manner of fabulously flavoured ice cream and I love it. 

When I had friends visiting recently I indulged even further into that childhood fantasy by setting up a little ice cream bar on the side in the kitchen. Flakes, marshmallows and chocolate sauce, I was definitely more excited about this than the guests. Move over cocktails, ice cream bars are the new party must have.

Ice Cream Maker Video Review

The best thing about the ice cream machine is being able to control what goes into your ice cream. Dairy free, yoghurt based, sugar free and sorbets are all really easy to do and experimenting with a range of ingredients, (savoury ice cream anyone? ) is so much fun. I'm quite certain there is no such thing as bad ice cream so you really can't go wrong.

Family Fever