Allotment in March 2015

This month has been quite a long one with SIX gardening videos. My food based Youtube channel is starting to look like a gardening channel. I really don't mind at all, at this time of year when the harvest from the previous year is running low, it's going to be all about the allotment because that's where all the food for this year is starting out.

The month started with the frustrations from last month spilling over into video. Then the temperature warmed up a bit and I made a big effort not to compare myself to others. I'm usually not one to do this but I think because I lack confidence on the plot and had spent a lot of time looking for outside help, I was very aware of what other gardeners were doing which had inevitably led to a nasty case of comparing.

Once I got into the head space of appreciating where we are, I found I was much happier on the plot. This is our first year, we have no clue what we are doing and nearly everything has to be researched and we also happen to have interests outside the allotment, jobs and a social life. In short comparing ourselves to a neighbouring retiree with decades of experience who puts in 40 hours a week on their plot is going to make anyone doubt themselves.

 Motivation has continued to run high since we attended the Edible Garden show and met lots of bubbly YouTubers gardeners earlier in the month.

Plus, we finally got the greenhouse up, this was a job I had really hoped to finish by the end of January. Finally getting it done was a big milestone and at the very end of the month we were able to sow our first seeds in it.

What's been your biggest achievement on the plot this month?