Meat Treat

How do you preserve your meat?
I always just freeze mine. I regularly make syrups, jams, jellies and pickles with fresh fruit and vegetables that I'm not ready to eat right away but when it comes to a good piece of  fresh meat that I'm not quite ready for, I'll just pop it in the freezer. I've been wanting to make jerky for a long time but it's a drawn out process and I've never quite gotten around to it. I'll have to pop it on the foodie bucket list. Drying meat into jerky has been a preserving process since long before freezers even existed, there's a whole world of jerky making just waiting to be discovered.

In the meantime there's Jack Link's Meat Snacks, they've done the work for you. When Jack Link's asked if I wanted to try their jerky I said "Yes, please."

Jack Link's Beef Snack is not your usual leathery jerky, it's a thick strip of beef. When I first slid it out of the foil I was a bit dubious, it looked like it would be gristly but it's not at all. It a good chewy mouthful that breaks down nicely, no lumpy bits. It smells divinely of barbecue and has a sweet smokey taste. It doesn't repeat on you either which is often a complaint I have with jerky.

The meaty snack is high in protein and I thought it would be great for Trevor after triathlon training but maybe not after every session as it's also over 20% sugar. It's no wonder I'm craving more, jack Link's is seriously moorish, one strip just isn't satisfying enough. I'd definitely pick up the Beef Snack again but I'd look at it more as a sweet treat to be washed down with a cold beer rather than a post work out snack.

In a world filled with chocolate bars, there is definitely room for more meaty snacks. What's your favourite savoury treat?

Jack Link's sent me their product for consideration. All opinions are my own. Check out Jack Link's Facebook page for a 50p off coupon to be used at Tesco Express.