Daily Water Intake

It often gets to the evening and I feel a bit headachey, I start to wonder why and usually realise it's because I've not drunk anything since my morning coffee. I've had to work really hard to remind myself to drink throughout the day.

Water Alarm

These little water bottles are very simple but so far I'm finding that they are really helping me to create a habit of drinking regularly. From 7am to 7pm is marked off in 2 hour intervals during those intervals you drink the water from that part of the bottle. By 7pm you've finished 2 bottles and are nicely hydrated.

Water check boxes

Couple these water intake bottles with my Filofax colour off water droplets and the 5pm alarm on my phone that tells me to drink a glass of water and you'd think I'd be able to nail this water drinking thing, it really shouldn't be difficult!

Do you drink enough water?