Allotment in February 2015

This month has been all about digging the plot again and I'm completely fed up of it! The evenings are getting longer and there are signs of spring creeping in, there are beautiful snowdrops everywhere but all we do is dig, dig, dig and the weeds don't seem to getting any less.

 I've started an allotment Project Life journal to keep track of what we are growing and how well it grows. I want to document everything we do on the plot and that includes mentioning how dull weeding is. I'm sure everyone faces this before they get the seeds in and I know I'll get over it once we have a plot sprouting lovely veggie life but I wanted to jot it down so this time next year when I'm looking back I'll remember how fed up of it I was, just in case I feel the same way then.

When we inherited out plot it was in a bad way so hopefully next year the digging won't be quite as arduous. In one fit of bad temper I may have been heard moaning to my sister that it was all a waste of time, a bag of carrots only costs £1. That was a pretty big low from someone who spends most of their time singing the praises of all things organic.
My resentment really doesn't show in the vlogs and that's because once I drag myself to the plot I really do enjoy it but I am very much looking forward to having everything dug over.

What jobs do you dislike doing in the garden?