Afternoon Snacks

For my birthday we had a lovely lady like afternoon tea, the cocktails began to flow and we gossip all afternoon soon we were ready for more food. I prepared most of the food for my guests and made a bake along vlog of day, I did take a few shortcuts one of which was using Walkers Sunbites,
I also opted for frozen ├ęclairs. I've made ├ęclairs before but they are very labour intensive when you have got a lot of food to prepare it's nice to have a good shortcut at the ready.

Sunbite Pitta Bakes

I'm not sure how I'd go about recreating the Sunbite snacks, fortunately they come ready to eat and no preparation is needed. There are three kinds of snacks in the new range, pita chips and crackers which come it small bags and mini pots of chutney with crackers.

The pitta bakes are pieces of broken pitta bread coated with flavouring, each bag is only 24g. In the picture above the cereal bowl has 4 bags in it, they don't go very far when your feeding cocktail fuelled ladies and I wasn't very keen on the very strong vintage cheddar flavour which was disappointing as I love the Cornish Cheddar Deli chips which are also from Walkers.
The crispy crackers were a better flavour and I polished off a bag of the onion and rosemary ones while I was filling up the bowls of snacks but they

The crackers and dip combo pots were the only ones I'd buy myself, they reminded me of the type of snack that you get in the Graze boxes only a much better portion size with 36g of crackers and 40g of dip there is plenty of dip for all of the crackers and you aren't left wanting more, it's just the right amount to satisfy a pang of hunger. The novelty of having an individual portion of chutney was also quite fun.

*This is a sponsored post. As always all opinions are my own.