Allotment Cooking in November

I didn't expect to be writing about cooking anything from the allotment during November but it has surprised me during this relatively mild month

We've had another few handfuls of autumn raspberries, they are now chilled by the cool weather when you pick them, it's like they've just come out of the fridge and they are still lovely and sweet.

We're still in the process of moving the sage bush, I've been dancing around doing it because it's such a lovely full bush but it's also right in the middle of the spot where the greenhouse is going to go. I'm using sage in abundance in case the transplant to the bottom of the allotment doesn't work. I may also make some more sage salt.

The horseradish that was blocking the shed door has also been uprooted and we put the biggest root it in a deep pot to try and stop it spreading. We'll split that root next year and the rest of the root that we dug up I brought home to make creamed horseradish. We tried a horseradish with vinegar earlier in the year but I wasn't overly impressed. Do you have a horseradish recipe that you love?

I've also filmed a plot tour this month

What's been going on in your garden this month?