7 Prep Ahead Healthy Snacks

I'm the worst for grazing between meals and I'm usually reaching for junk food. Every Sunday I read the Lean Green Bean food prep posts and think I need to do that for snacks. Only, I never seem to get around to doing it.
This week I've been sorting through containers and it turns out that I have quite an assortment of snack suitable tubs. There have been occasions when "What will I put the prepared snacks in?" has been an excuse (a weak excuse) not to make them. Yes, in reality I could have just wrapped them up in cling film or popped them into a resealable bag.

All of the food I already had tucked away in the cupboards but most of it I would use in baking and not opt for it as a snack unless I had portioned it all out like I did this week.

A week of healthy snacks

What snacks did I prepare this week?
Apple crisps
Baked sweet potato
Hard boiled eggs
Chia seed pudding, one vanilla and one with raspberries
Cucumber slices with mint and olive oil

Do you prepare any foods in advance at the start of the week?