Dr Pepper Beer Cocktail

This is my favourite cocktail because it takes exactly like that fabulous soft drink Dr Pepper. Beer cocktails are really trendy at the moment, using an alcoholic mixer makes this cocktail fairly potent which is exactly what I want from a cocktail but do try to remember it's not not a soft drink when you're knocking these lovelies back.

 A splash of bitters
2 shots Amaretto
2.5 shots cola
Top off with beer

We used
Angostura Bitters
50ml Disaronno
65ml Coca Cola
Topped off with Stellar Artois

The glass we used is 300ml. Mix all the ingredients together and let the bubbles do the mixing. There's is no messing around with crushed ice, twists or fancy shaking and straining, just pour it all into the glass.

What's your favourite cocktail?