Instagram Breakfasts

I've been trying to get into Instagram recently, partly because at the food blogging conference I attended everyone was raving about it and also because Foodies100 a blogging network I'm part of have added it as one of the metrics in their blogger ranking system.


Until recently I had a Blackberry phone which isn't compatible with Instagram so I'd never been able to see what all the fuss was about. I had downloaded the Instagram App to my new phone but it's just been cluttering up the place and not seen any real action. Starting with a new type of social media often feels like a chore and I wasn't really sure what I was doing so it was easy to neglect Instagram but over the last week I've decided to give it a good go.

Tomato and avocado breakfast

From a blogger this may be a shocking confession but I'm not attached to my phone. I'm always leaving it at home. My video camera on the other hand is another story, yes I know the phone has a video camera too but it doesn't also allow people to contact me in down time. I quite like being switched off which is probably another reason it's taken me a while to start Instagraming.

Yogurt loaded with toppings

Instagram has a lovely happy vibe as people share sweet snap shots from their day. It reminds you that life is made up of precious little moments and that is what everyone is sharing. I, of course, like the food pics and seem to be following a food centric crowd.

I'm trying to post a breakfast pic everyday

I've been on a mission to eat breakfast every day and decided a daily breakfast pic would help keep me on track. Exploring the hashtag #breakfast has given me lots of new breakfast ideas too.

Are you on Instagram?
InstagramI'm looking for some foodie friends to follow so leave your user name below and I'll check you out. I'm also looking for some accountability buddies to make sure I post that daily breakfast photo.