All Bran 5 Day Challenge

I do believe breakfast is the most important meal of the day, I recently decided to start Instagraming my breakfast to keep me from skipping it, a kind of Instagram breakfast accountability. Then Kellogg's asked if I'd like to take their five day All Bran breakfast challenge.

"Try the cereal for 5 days
and see if you notice a difference
 in your general digestive well being"

After eating All Bran for breakfast for five days Kellogg's said I could feel more energised and revitalised. That sounded good to me so I decided to give it a go. I don't suffer with bloating or other digestive complaints that eating fibre everyday can help with but despite being an early bird I'm often sluggish and don't feel like eating until I've been awake for a couple of hours.

I'm not much of a cereal fan because I generally find it bland and crunchy. While there aren't any foods that I don't like, I'm not so keen on dry crunchy textures which is why I rarely choose cereal for breakfast. If I am having cereal I like it drowned in icy milk.

Day 1
Golden Crunch. 13g fibre per 100g. 21g of sugar per 100g
I like a bright vibrant breakfast and the dull colours of this cereal weren't inviting. Neither were the added salt, flavourings, emulsifiers or dextrose (sugar). I decided to add yogurt and fresh raspberries and layer it into a parfait with some chia seed gel. The Golden Crunch was certainly crunchy and I was full until lunch time.

Day 2
Chocolate Wheats. 10g fiber per 100g. 19g of sugar per 100g
Chocolate for breakfast is always dangerous for a chocoholic like me. Of the three cereals All Bran sent I was most excited about these. The bits of chocolate are quite small and they don't turn the milk chocolatey. There is 10g fibre per 100g not as much as the other cereals but still enough to be consider high fibre. I tossed a banana on top of the cereal and really enjoyed this one.

Day 3
Red Berry Crunch 13g fibre per 100g 21g of sugar per 100g.
I started work at 6am today so I needed a filling breakfast to keep me going. I weighed out the 45g serving size because I know I have a tenancy to be over generous and surprisingly it's a fair amount. As usual I don't feel like eating this early, the last couple of days of fibre haven't done anything to wake my digestive system any earlier.  I don't really enjoy the sweet clusters which I also add fresh raspberries to but I don't think I'd enjoy anything at this hour.

Day 4
Usually we have fruit pancakes on a Saturday morning so I eye my bowl of Red Berry Crunch with a little resentment.  I grumble about the unnatural shape of the clusters before tucking in. The freeze dried raspberries are great now that I'm awake enough to enjoy them and it's got me thinking I should buy a dehydrator so I can enjoy some fresh raspberry goodness into the winter.

Day 5
I go back to the chocolate wheats today as they have been my favourite All Bran cereal. I think a handful of these would also make a lovely TV watching snack.

After taking the All Bran 5 Day Challenge I'm not sure that I've seen any changes in my digestive well being and it still takes a while for my appetite to catch up with me up in the mornings.
My biggest concern with these cereals is the sugar. More than 6g of  fibre per 100g is considered high fibre which all these cereals are but more than 15g of sugar per 100g is considered high sugar and unfortunately all these cereals are also all very high in sugar too.

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