Walnut Muffins with Yacon Syrup

Yacon syrup is very similar to dark treacle or molasses only it's a natural sweetner derived from the roots of the yacon plant. I've written a full review on the syrup and while researching it, I found that some people use yacon syrup as a weight loss aid, eating spoonfuls of it daily. I'm not too sure about that, Yacon syrup is sickly sweet on it's own but I've found it to be a great sugar substitute in baking.

Walnut Muffins with Yacon Syrup

These lovely nutty muffins are great for breakfast, I like mine with a shot of espresso.

Ingredients (makes 4 large muffins)
60 plain flour
60g wholewheat flour
7 g baking powder
60g hazelnut butter
1 egg
60 ml milk
2 tablespoons of Yacon Syrup
30g walnuts

Preheat oven to 175c
Combine all of the ingredients together to form a thick batter.
I used a silicon muffin tray and placed the batter straight into the muffin tray rather than using paper cases.
Bake in the oven for 15 minutes.
Remove when then are risen and brown.

Walnut Muffins with Yacon syrup

Yacon Syrup is a new ingredient to me, have you used it before?