Rose Flavour is In Favour

Rose I Favourite Flavor

I've always loved rose scents everything in my bathroom cupboard is packed with rose goodness and I love the flavour too but sweetly perfumed rose foods were difficult to come by recently though I've noticed a lot more rose flavoured things on the supermarket shelves and I love it. 

These are my edible rose must haves

1. Rose Essence
Great for cooking particularly in cakes and desserts and Turkish delight of course.

2. Ras El Hanout
This lovely spice mix contains whole rose petals and goes great with pork.

3. Fentimans Rose Lemonade
This delicate soft drink is a lovely alternative to alcohol, particularly great if you're having a dry January.

4. Rose Petals
Rose petals are edible and if you crystallise them in sugar they make adorable cake decorations

5. Hotel Chocolat Rose Truffles
Dark chocolate and pale flowery rose truffles these sweets bring together all my favourite things.

Are you embracing the rose flavour this season?