December Nature's Lunchbox

I didn't do any foraging last month and there were no entries into the Natures Lunchbox challenge either. It's a tough time of year for foraging but it can't be impossible, the squirrels and birds manage it. Although, the birds near my mom's house do get a lot of help in the form of her heaving bird table.

The frozen ground and plummeting temperatures mean that foraging walks are currently a lot less inviting to me as well. I'm going to put the challenge up again this month but if I can't hunt something out I may take a break until the shoots of new growth start in the spring.

If you do have any helpful tips in finding some hedgerow fodder for the table this month, please pop it in the comments below. I need all the help that I can get at the moment.

Here is the linky for this month and the rules of the challenge