I Like A Fat Sausage

On Wednesday my fabulous Hambassador role lead me to be a guest judge for the Sausage Week finals which were held at the Old stock Joint in Birmingham.
You may remember back in September I joined VIP sausage taster, blogger and author Jason Ayres and master butcher Keith to help select the finalists. This week we joined by restaurateur Simon Rimmer to pick a regional winner from the ten finalists.

These were seriously good sausages. In the glamorous world of sausage tasting we four judges shared one delicately sliced sausage, discussed it at length, then scored it against a list of criteria before taking a sip of water and moving onto the next sausage. I knew the winning sausage was something special when I found myself distractedly eyeing the leftovers.

It's very hard to discuss in detail the girth and juiciness of a sausage without a little innuendo colouring the conversation so let's get that out of the way so I can tell you about this glorious sausage. Yes, it's true, I do like juicy fat sausages and that is exactly what I found in winning sausage from Rossiter Butchers. Their traditional pork sausages looked perfect on the plate, plump and firm, evenly browned, they were glossy and glistening invitingly and there wasn't a split skin in site.

This organic sausage sliced beautifully, it didn't crumble and it kept it's shape. Simon commented that the scent reminded him of his grandma's kitchen, a good thing when it comes to traditional sausages.
For me the most important factor is the taste and the Rossiter pork sausage had plenty of that. Everyone laughed when I said it tasted like pork, I meant that the sausage tasted like it had a high pork content and I later discovered that it is high quality organic pork. It's subtle seasoning only enhances the flavour.

There was a photographer there on the day and Love Pork are going to be sending me their photos to use in this post. I did take some great video so don't forget to check out this weeks vlog to see Simon presenting the golden sausage.