Three Course Yogurt Meal

Chobani yogurt cocktails
 Chobani invited me to attend a special meal they were hosting at Edmunds restaurant in Birmingham. Chobani is a lovely strained yoghurt, I've cooked with it before when I made choux peach buns but this was a three course meal with every dish incorporating Chobani yogurt there was even a Chobani cocktail on arrival. A fruity mix of Bacardi, Malibu and passionfruit, it wasn't overly thick and the first one slipped down easily before the alcohol really hit me, this could be a dangerous one.

Chef Didier Philipot talks us through his menu

The week before the event I received a menu to pick out which dishes I would be having, it all sounded very appealing. Chobani was being used as an accent to the dishes and while it wasn't the star of the show it was certainly brining a interesting twist to the menu. At the start of the meal the chef Didier Philipot talked us through his menu, he had enjoyed using the strained yogurt and was interested in adding his blueberry soufflé creation to his menu permanently.

Yogurt soup amuse bouche

The meal was late getting started probably due to all those cocktails and I groaned when they brought out an amuse bouche, I was starving and really wanted to get on to the main affair. But the little glass cup of creamy celeriac soup was a delightful opener to the meal and after tasting it I knew that this yogurt themed meal was going to be something special.

Pigeon breast and beetroot

Beef with mushroom, yogurt and tarragon sauce

Blueberry yogurt soufflé
with vanilla ice cream

The highlight of the evening was gossiping away to some fellow foodie bloggers, most of them I only knew through Twitter. In a bit of a Cinderella episode, I had to dine and dash away early to catch a train home and I missed the sweets and coffee. Overall a great evening and it's given me lots of inspiration for using Chobani in my everyday cooking.

*Chobani laid on this event, all opinions are my own.