Dacquoise hazelnut #GBBO Bake along

Technical Challenge Hazelnut Dacquiose
Three hazelnut meringue layers
Coffee custard, ganache and hazelnut praline

It was the Great British Bake Off quarter finals this week, this series has gone far too fast, I really don't want the show to end. The theme was free from and the bakers started with unusual flour, moving on to gluten free dacquoise and dairy free vegetable cakes were the show stopper challenge.
The hazelnut dacquoise was the technical challenge and it sounded amazing. I've never heard of this gateaux before although when it was all assembled it did look familiar, perhaps I know it by another name?

Add coffee custard cream
to first meringue layer
The contestants were all finished in time for the end of the technical challenge which is fairy unusual in the Bake Off kitchen. This wasn't an easy challenge either, it utilised several techniques with meringue, custard, ganache and praline all being incorporated in this nutty delight. The dacquoise was a bad challenge for Christine with her meringue being too thin and baked too quickly she came in last place and later went on to leave the show despite her passion fruit marshmallow fondant being a thing of wonder.

Layer up the custard and hazelnut meringues

Ruby won star baker again with her homely allotment cake with chocolate shed complete with brittle roof.
Frances had a similar theme for her cake which was also a vegetable plot but Mary and Paul rolled out the style over substance line again. I thought it was spectacular, it was the showstopper challenge after all and she had clearly thought about all of the flavours and hidden carrot cake inside the main cake too.

The judges comments left most of the contestants in tears but as Paul went on to say it was criticism only where needed and after all it was the quarter final, they are expecting a very high standard. Tough, but I guess at this stage it was probably fair.

Cover stack with remaining
coffee custard cream
We had a lovely afternoon of baking and drank lots of coffee when we attempted the technical challenge. I struggled to get a hold of blanched hazelnuts and I mightily underestimated the fuss of blanching them ourselves, my tip for you -but them blanched.
One helpful tip that I picked up from the Great British Bake Off was not to chop the hazelnuts too finely as more oil will be released from the nuts which breaks down the egg whites and gives a runny meringue. The challenge took us all afternoon with the cooking, cooling and assembly. The results were delicious and I think with practice we could considerably cut that time down but it's certainly a time consuming bake. I would happily make it again though and the layers when you cut into it are really impressive.

pipe on ganache
We did make jam roly poly from last weeks show but I missed the round up deadline so you may have missed it, made a lovely autumnal pudding after Sunday dinner and next week on the Great British Bake Off semi finals the contestants it's signature canap├ęs.

add hazelnut pralines

 I'm linking up with the Bloggers Bake off again this week which is hosted by Mummy Mishaps and The Crazy Kitchen and I'm also adding this to made with love Mondays hosted by Javelin Warrior because the afternoon we shared baking it was filled with a lot of love.

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