Turkey Changes, Week 2 Diary

Turkey hedgehogs were a recipe from the British Turkey recipe index, cute food has been a passion of mine since I spent time working in a special needs school in Japan. The bentos that the children turned up with were nothing short of master pieces and ever since I've been hooked on child friendly food styling.
My niece is on solid foods now and while she couldn't have these hedgehogs yet because of the nuts, she could manage the cute veggies that I served these with. The hedgehog body is made from lean turkey mince, it's a bit like a turkey burger only it's shaped like a hedgehog, you could mould the turkey mince into any shape that you fancy, I also did a mouse and a stegosaurus.

My second turkey dish this week was another family favourite turkey fajitas, I like social food that you assemble at the table, everyone gets what they want and it's fun to get everyone involved.

I'm eating turkey twice a week as part of my nutrition makeover, it's been really easy to make the switch. I usually make a rough meal plan at the start of the month because we do meat and fish shopping on pay day, then split it up into portions and freeze most of it, we then just buy fresh ingredients during the week. This way of shopping is a hangover from when we were on a tight budget, I always wanted to make sure there was enough food in to see us through, it's now become part of our routine and works for us. I've been impressed with the price of turkey and using more turkey hasn't added to our grocery bill, if anything it's decreased as it's cheaper than most other cuts of meat.

I'm still enjoying the porridge oats for breakfast, I've been having them on non turkey days too. Desserts was a trickier one to substitute because I'm doing the Great British Bake Along so there are always cakes or biscuits being made, it is so much temptation. Azmina suggested freezing these temptations, my ginger biscuits in fact benefit from being frozen before they are decorated as this helps the flavours develop. I made those for the Bake Along last week but I feel like I need to do more work on my fruity dessert ideas.
By the time you read this I will be off on my jolly holidays in Belgium, so next weeks challenge is to see if switch to turkey can be continued away from home.

*This is a sponsored post for British Turkey, all opinions are my own