Nutrition Makeover

Before The Nutrition Make Over
It was with some trepidation yesterday that I took part in a nutritional makeover with British Turkey's nutritionist Azmina Govindji. Trepidation because I'm a food writer, food is my passion and while I do know I eat a lot of sugar and that it's not really good for me, I still do it anyway and admitting that to a nutritionist will make me feel like a naughty school girl. That being said I wouldn't mind being healthier and I do think that a nutritional makeover could be interesting.

The Makeover
Azmina wasn't at all condensing which I realise I'd been worrying about. In fact, it turns out we have a common interest in food and get pretty excited discussing a baked banana recipe which sounds divine. We talk over my food diary and come up with a list called now and new. We discussed foods that I eat now and ways I could substitute them or make the cooking process a bit healthier.
Thankfully Azimina isn't saying no more cakes but she does stress it's about balance, if I still want my cake and puddings I've got a few options; I can have a smaller portion, I can change the way I bake so I use less sugar or eat cake less frequently (like not everyday). Azmina recommends turkey a couple of nights a week because it's a lean meat, a great source of protein and lower in saturated fats which means lower cholesterol too.

The Future
So over the next month I'll be embracing a few changes. I'll be ditching sugary cereal for porridge and dried fruit at breakfast, swapping chocolate bar snacks for a savoury muffin, I'll also be having turkey 2-3 times a week, watching my portion sizes and replacing some of my desserts with a fun fruity alternative.
The goal is to have a more balanced diet which will lead to a boost in energy something I could certainly do with as we head into sluggishly shorter autumnal days. I'll be keeping a weekly diary and using the British Turkey recipe index for ideas and inspiration.

*This is a sponsored for British Turkey, all opinions are my own