Live Like Julia Child

I had the great privilege of getting an advanced peek of  Karen Karbo's book Julia Child Rules: Lessons on Savoring Life. In return I had to live like Julia Child and write about it. I was a big fan of Julie and Julia and having a go at living like Julia Child felt like it would be my own little emulation of that, thank goodness I didn't have to cook my way through the Art of French Cooking. No, for this challenge I chose a chapter of the book (they all embody a characteristic of Julia) then I had to channel my inner Julia and embrace that trait.

I picked rule number four which is to obey your whims, I did once have a what the hell attitude, not just one fleeting whim but a whole attitude, a great mindset, I made quick decisions based on gut feelings and I wound up living in Japan for three years. Perhaps, I've outgrown it but as I approach 30 I seem to make decisions based on sensible logic, boring common sense and dull practicalities, I was very ready for this challenge although dimly aware that I shouldn't need a prompt to shake things up.

After returning from an amazing time in Japan I was lost, the economy was bad and jobs were hard to come by, I fell into a miserable office job that I loathed, worse still I allowed the negativity from work to overflow into the rest of my life. After having a light bulb "life is too short" moment, I quit that terrible job two years ago and that was probably the last big whim obeyed.

The exhilaration that comes with quitting the 9-5 and walking free doesn't last forever particularly when you have to pick up a part time job to cover the very non whimsical bills but at least I'm now cracking on with the plan to become a full time foodie.

Writing a food blog isn't all tea parties and crumpets, it's bloody hard work (but there are lots of tea parties and crumpets), I love it but when you've got your head down writing away it's easy to forget to stop and appreciate it all. It's only now that I'm writing this reflective piece that I realise I'm living my whim. I quit my job two years ago and my whim lead me here.

Now, I'm slogging away at it just like Julia with her book, I probably should have chosen a chapter on determination. I'm miles away from that awful job, I'll just take a moment to savour that.

In an attempt to capture the spirit of #LiveLikeJulia and obey my whims I very pragmatically wrote a structured Foodie Bucket List of places I want to go, things I want to see and a whole list of great foods I want to eat. Then I caught myself, a list? That's just filing whims away for another day. I'm not proving to be very good at this, so I followed a whim two years ago that surely doesn't mean that I'll never have any more?

I read my chapter again and then I ate trifle for breakfast, not my finest Julia moment but it seems it was the quiet stirrings some Julia inspiration.Where is my what-the-hell attitude?  There is something that I've been putting off. I'm going to launch a pop up restaurant with my Mom, we talk about it plenty, are we ready? Will anyone come? It's time for some action, I'm drawing up the business plan, what-the-hell have we got to loose? I'm also relaunching my YouTube channel. I feel daft vlogging in public, my editing is poor, no one will watch, what-the-hell I'll do it anyway because I want to.

That feels more like it, I'm fired up on Julia now and spitting out quotes like a there's no tomorrow, I'm dancing like no ones watching too.