400 Food Meters on Sauasage Rolls

Harper Adams Pork Sausage Rolls
Food Meters 400
These sausage rolls were prepared just 400 meters from where they were served. I don't think you can get much more local than that. The Regional Food Academy at Harper Adams University can proudly boast food meters not miles with it's farm-to-fork ethos of sustainability.

Why do sandwiches taste better when they are triangular?

The buffet was a dazzling
display of local produce

Yesterday, I was at the first WiRE (Women in rural enterprise) International conference, hosted with the Spanish Chamber of Commerce. The event was carried off with the charm and candidness that I've come to love from WiRE. A hugely successful group of rural business ladies with a diverse range of skills and experiences that they'll happily share over a coffee and cake.

The cakes are made on site

Citrus Chicken

We met a similar group of ladies that had flown in from Spain for the conference, all rural business women running their own enterprises.  I was part of a discussion group that included amongst others; a vineyard owner, nutritionist and a herbal apothecary. We bonded (via seamless translation) over a passion for local produce and authenticity. I've also added some new places to my food tourism bucket list.

The conference was held at Harper Adams Regional Food Academy. A stunning renovated mill building at the heart of the university campus that houses both food technology and conferencing facilities. The conference catering was prepared on site by the departments catering team, they champion local produce and the buffet lunch we enjoyed was a showcase of fabulous local food, much of it produced on site on the university farm. What a thrill to know my sausage roll was produced just 400 meters away, I often think of food miles but food meters? That's a first.

Red onion, marmalade and Stilton tarts