Peach Choux Buns With Yoghurt

These peach choux buns are filled with peaches and yoghurt, a twist on the traditional peaches and cream they are perfect for a summery brunch.

Peach Choux Chobani Yoghurt Brunch Buns
Choux pastry while time consuming is really simple and definitely worth the effort.  The layers of dough puff up and you get a lovely light airy pastry, pair that with a summery fruit like peaches and you'll be dreamily floating away on a yoghurt filled cloud as you tuck into these peach choux buns

Ingredients makes 4 buns

Choux Buns Choux recipe from Deliah Smith
150ml water
50g butter
60g strong white flour
2 medium eggs
tsp icing sugar

Peach yogurt
2 fresh finely sliced peaches

2tbs greek youhrt
4tbs icing sugar
1 tsp yellow food colouring

The filling and frosting is made with yoghurt

Preheat oven to 200c
I always use Deliah's method for making the choux pastry and so far it's been fool proof, you should let the dough cool for 10 minutes before adding the eggs and be sure to add them slowly, whenever I have had a choux fail it's been because the batter is too wet from adding too much egg too quickly.
Once you've made up the batter pipe it into ring shapes on a baking tray

Pipe choux batter into rings
Cook until lightly browned
Cook in the oven for 24 minutes start checking them after 20. They should be lightly browned, if they are not you can leave them for a little longer.
Leave to cool on a wire rack, pierce a couple of holes in the bottom to allow the steam to escape. I also propped my buns up using a chopstick rest to stop the steam bouncing back from the worktop.

cover with peach slices
spoon on peach yoghurt

When cooled slice the choux bun in half.
Remove the peach pit and slice the peaches into thin semi circles leaving the skin on.
Layer the fine peace slices onto the bottom half of the bun.
Spoon the yoghurt on top of the peaches.
I used Chobani peach yoghurt which contains a layer of fresh fruit.The yoghurt naturally has a layer of liquid on top, stirring in the peaches from the bottom of the pot also combines this liquid back into the yoghurt. Mix the yoghurt up before putting in on the bun.
Place the lid onto the choux bun.

dust with icing sugar instead of using frosting

You could finish up there and dust the buns with a little icing sugar but I went a bit further and jazzed these buns up with some bright Greek yoghurt frosting.
To make the creamy frosting add the food colouring to the icing sugar and slowly add the yoghurt to create a thick glossy frosting.
Drizzle the top of the bun with yellow frosting.

share a peach filled bun for brunch

The pastry really is a decadent treat, using a yoghurt filling and frosting in place of heavy cream really adds to the lightness of these summery peach choux brunch buns.

*Chobani provided their products for this recipe challenge