Nasi Goreng Spice Mix

Nasi Goreng From Fox's

Nasi goreng means fried rice in Indonisian, this tasty dish was made from Fox's spice mix. The dried spices were a gift from my mother when she visited the Malvern County Show, it was a "I saw this and thought of type" gift and she was right I loved it. It's a convenient mix to keep in the cupboard for a quick meal and is much more flavourful than any instant dehydrated meal I've tried.

The dried spicy mix
rehydrates in 5 minutes

Ingredients serves 2
1/2 bag of Fox's Nasi Gorgeng dried spice mix
100g brown rice
150g diced chicken breast

Fox's do not currently have an online shop but you can order and request a catalogue by phone, there are more details on their Facebook page.

I try to use fresh herbs where I can but I didn't have any of these ingredients growing in my windowsill pots. The bag is 100g and contains dried leek, onion, tomato  paprika  coriander  turmeric, cumin and chilies. It smells wonderfully of tomatoes.
As per the instructions you soak the mix in water for 5 minutes, it doesn't say how much water and I didn't want to make the rice too wet. I used half a bag of mix and just covered the dried herbs.

soak the nasi goreng spice mix in water

I boiled the rice first and then fried the chicken in a large frying pan before adding the wet nasi goreng mix and boiled rice to the frying pan. The result were this tasty fried rice, it's very mildly spicy but full of mix herby flavour.

A big bowlful of this nasi goreng is an
filling and quick main meal