Hazelnut & Chocolate Martinis

A chocolatey cocktail treat

Combining chocolate and vodka to make this creamy cocktail was great fun because it combines two of my favourite things vodka and chocolate. Last night we took advantage of Orange Wednesday at our local cinema (2-4-1 tickets) and saw The Great Gatsby, I was inspired to dust off my cute penguin cocktail shaker and make us some glitzy 1920s cocktails.

Ingredients makes 4 cocktails
240ml milk
2 tablespoons coco powder
1 tablespoon sugar
50 ml vodka
25 ml vermouth
25ml hazelnut syrup
A little cream to drizzle on top
2 ice cubes
This penguin cocktail shaker is not the best pourer,
but it looks amazing on the shelf

Heat the milk with the coco and sugar, heat until all sugar is dissolved, set aside to cool
Chill the vodka in the freezer

Add the vodka, vermouth and hazelnut syrup to the cooled chocolate milk.
Shake with 2 cubes of ice in a cocktail shaker until the outside of the shaker frosts up
Strain into glasses and float the cream on top.

This recipe easily serves four in small Martini glasses. However, there are only two of us so we used lovely large glasses to save on trips back to the kitchen for top ups.

Hazelnut & Chocolate Martini
with a cream top